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Track Types

  • The Oregon 6xx groups tracks into three categories: Current, Favorite, and Archived.
    • Current Track

      • Accumulates track points only with the Oregon 6xx is powered on and Current Track recording is active
      • Contains all recorded track segments since last Clear Track
      • Will auto-archive older track points when track memory is full
      • Can be saved as a complete or partial track
      • Saved in [GPSr]\Garmin\GPX\Current\ directory
    • Favorite Track

      • Saved track that has not been archived
      • Can be set to 'Show On Map'
      • Tracks set to 'Show On Map' are listed with color indicator preceding track name
      • Can be copied and saved in reverse direction
      • Favorite tracks may be transferred between the GPSr and BaseCamp
      • Each saved track may not exceed 10,000 track points
      • Saved only in [GPSr]\Garmin\GPX\
      • Can also be stored in [µSD]\Garmin\GPX\ directory
    • Archived Track

      • A saved track that has been removed from the Favorite Tracks menu
      • Can not be set to Show On Map
      • Archived tracks may be imported into BaseCamp
      • Saved only in [GPSr]\Garmin\GPX\Archive\ directory

Track Limits

  • The Oregon 6xx can index individual tracks up to 10,000 points in length.
  • Tracks with more than 10,000 points will be truncated and displayed incomplete.
  • While recording a track, the Oregon 6xx will auto-archive the current track log and begin a new track log recording when approaching the 10,000 track point limit.

Track Management

  • Track Log recording can be synchronized with Stop Watch activity.
  • Activities completed while the stopwatch is running are automatically archived.
  • Tracks added to the archive folder exist in addition to the 200 saved tracks allowed on the device.
  • When archiving a track stored in the [µSD]\Garmin\GPX\ directory, that track is moved to the [GPSr]\Garmin\GPX\Archive\ directory. Returning the track to favorite status moves the track to the [GPSr]\Garmin\GPX\ directory, not the µSD card.

Select Track

App TM Select Track 01.png

App TM Select Track 02.png

App TM Select Track 03.png

App TM Select Track 04.png
Track Manager Menu

View [Current Track]

View [Archived Tracks]

Select desired track

Track Search

App TM Track Search 01.png

App TM Track Search 02.png

App TM Track Search 03.png

App TM Track Search 04.png
UI Menu.png

Select [Spell Search]

Enter search term
UI Check.png

Search results displayed

Track Sort

App TM Track Sort 01b.png

App TM Track Sort 02.png

App TM Track Sort 03.png

App TM Track Sort 04.png
UI Menu.png

Select [Sort]

Select [Nearest]

Tracks listed by proximity

App TM Track Sort 05.png

App TM Track Sort 06.png

App TM Track Sort 07.png

App TM Track Sort 08.png
Select [Alphabetical]

Tracks listed by name

Select [Most Recent]

Tracks listed by date

View Track Info

App TM Select Track 04.png

App TM View Track Info 2.png

App TM View Track Info 3.png

App TM View Track Info 4.png
Select desired track

Track information display

UI Arrow Down.png
Scroll Down

UI Arrow Up.png
Scroll Up

View Track Map

App TM View Map 01.png

App TM View Map 03.png

App TM View Map 04.png

App TM View Map 05.png
Track Map

Select [Info Box]

Track Details

UI Menu.png

View Track Plot

App TM View Graph 01.png

App TM View Graph 02.png

App TM View Graph 03.png

App TM View Graph 04.png
Pan and Zoom Track Plot

Select Plot Point

UI Menu.png

View Plot Point on Map

Edit Track Name

App TM Edit Track Name 01.png

App TM Edit Track Name 02.png

App TM Edit Track Name 03.png

App TM Edit Track Name 04.png
Select Track Name

UI Delete.png
Press and Hold

UI Check.png
Edit Track Name

Track Info updated

Edit Track Color

App TM Edit Track Color 01.png

App TM Edit Track Color 02.png

App TM Edit Track Color 03.png

App TM Edit Track Color 04.png
Select [Color]

View available colors

Select desired color

Track Color updated

Track Visibility

App TM Edit Track Visibility 01.png

App TM Edit Track Visibility 02.png

App TM Edit Track Visibility 03.png

App TM Edit Track Visibility 04.png
Toggle [Show On Map] Off

Track will show on map

Toggle [Show On Map] On

Track hidden on map

Archive Track

App TM Archive Track 01.png

App TM Archive Track 02.png

App TM Archive Track 03.png

Select Favorite Track

UI Archive.png
[Archive Track]

Track is Archived

Unarchive Track

App TM Unarchive Track 01.png

App TM Unarchive Track 02.png

App TM Unarchive Track 03.png

Select Archived Track

UI Unarchive.png
[Unarchive Track]

Track is Unarchived

Copy Reversed

App TM Copy Reversed 01.png

App TM Copy Reversed 02.png

App TM Copy Reversed 03.png

App TM Copy Reversed 04.png
UI Menu.png
[Option Menu]

Select [Copy Reversed]

'!' Prefix added to all
Reversed Tracks

Reversed Track Saved

Delete Track

App TM Delete Track 01.png

App TM Delete Track 02.png

App TM Delete Track 03.png

App TM Delete Track 04.png
UI Menu.png
[Option Menu]

Select [Delete]

Select [Delete] to proceed

Select [Cancel] to abort